Take Your
Sales Process
To The Next Level
A mobile app that delivers important sales and customer data,
right at your fingertips.
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Performance Visibility

Track Your Performance
In Real Time – From Anywhere

NEXTS automatically updates your sales data and makes it easy to understand. See how much you’ve sold, quickly pinpoint what products you need to pay more attention to, and exactly how much more you need to make to achieve your target. No need to have a computer or be in the office.

Past Performance And Sales Forecasting

See how you and your team performed historically in different months or quarters. Estimate your numbers in the future based on ourstanding purchase orders and quotations.

Sales Forecasting
Quotations Conversion

No More Searching Through Papers Or Emails

Following up oustanding purchase orders and quotations has never been easier. We compile all of your outstanding purchase orders and display them based on expected delivery date. With search and view options, you can easily find important quotations that are more likely to convert.

Win Together As A Team

Track your team performance, see what specific products your team falls short, so you and your teammates can have a discussion and collaborate on closing more deals.

Team Collaboration

How NEXTS Works

NEXTS works with any accounting software, ERP systems, or even just spreadsheets that store your sales and customer data. We do the hard work of pulling together from disparate data sources and keep your data in sync.

How NEXTS Works

Help Us Make NEXTS Better Together

Your feedback is important to us as we continue to develop and improve NEXTS. Send us your thoughts or feature requests, so we can make NEXTS a great product that people love to use.